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Specialized in metallic butt-welding fittings for 22 years

Fixed-point pipe fittings  manufacturer for Sinopec, PetroChina and CNOOC

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Hefei Shihua Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd.

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Company Address:  No.219 Yuping RD., Hefei Anhui, 230601, P.R.C.

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Manufacturing high-end pipe fittings, pursuing outstanding quality

Widely used in various industrial pipelines

Selection of high-quality raw materials, strict process control and adherence to the entire

inspection system to ensure reliable quality


Adopting the latest technology for manufacturing pipe fittings in the world, having the products

widely used in petroleum, chemical and power and other industries


Compact structure, accurate geometric dimension, natural and beautiful appearance, smooth inner

and outer surfaces, easy construction and installation


Manufacturing standard pipe fittings, researching and developing off-standard pipe fittings, and accepting

the processing with customers’ free issued materials to meet customer needs


Reasonable product prices, timely and effective supply and perfect after-sales service to ensure customer satisfaction


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Company Address:  No.219 Yuping RD., Hefei Anhui, 230601, P.R.C.

Perfect quality management system

Perfect quality management system: API ISO9001 Certificate, API Spec Q1 Certificate,

ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate, ISO14001 Environmental Management

System Certificate, OHSAS18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate,

P.R.China Manufacture License of Special Equipment (pressure piping components), P.R.China

Manufacture License of Special Equipment (pressure vessels), PED/AD2000 Certificate, ASME U Stamp, ASME PP Stamp, etc.

Mature technology

Mature technology: Medium-frequency induction hot pushing manufacturing process,

hot pressing manufacturing process, medium-frequency induction hot bending

manufacturing process, hot extruding manufacturing process, hydraulic cold

extruding manufacturing process, cold pushing manufacturing process, cold

bending manufacturing process, and forging process

Complete production equipment
Complete production equipment: 4 medium-frequency induction hot pushing production lines for elbows and bends production, DN200, DN300, DN600 and DN1200; 2 sets of cold bending units for bends production, DN50 and DN200; 2sets of hydraulic cold extrusion units for tees production, DN200 and DN400; 3 sets of cold pushing units for stainless steel elbows production, DN100, DN300 and DN600; DN100 - DN700 whole sealing and high-pressure elbow production molds; and 10 sets of 60T - 3000T presses; as well as the matching molds and equipment for cutting, heat treatment, shaping, machining, shot blasting, sand blasting, acid pickling and passivation.
Advanced testing equipment
Advanced testing equipment: 1 set of Germany Spectro full-element spectrometer; 3 sets of United States Niton portable spectrum analyzer; 1 set of 1200°C high temperature tensile & bending tester; 1 set of -196°C ultra-low temperature impact tester. Many processes can be completed in house including chemical composition analysis, extrados thickness measurement, hardness testing, penetrant inspection, magnetic particle inspection, ultrasonic inspection, eddy current inspection, radiographic inspection, metallographic analysis, intergranular corrosion test and hydraulic test
Complete fitting series
The company produces various piping components including elbows, factory bends, return bends, reducers, tees, stub ends, caps, manifolds, pigtails, riser & down corners, flanges, socket-welding fittings, etc., with materias of steel, titanium, nickel, zirconium, copper, aluminum and so on. Those products are widely used in petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, shipbuilding, winemaking, textile, construction and other industries.

accumulation in petroleum, chemical, electric power,

metallurgy and other industries for the most secure and

reliable pipe fittings

Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Company
Key Reference: 1.Project/ Unit Title: Zhanjiang chemical benzene extraction Oil Refinery Co., Ltd. Product Type: Seamless Fitting Delivery Time: 2006.10 Product Description: Elbow, Tees, Reducer
Zhongda China Petrol Company
Key Reference: 1.Project/ Unit Title:Heavy oil catalytic cracking unit for 800 thousand tons / year oil refining project Product Type: Boiler Fittings Delivery Time: 2013.06 Product Description:
China National Petroleum Corporation
Key Reference: 1.Customer: CNPC NO.1 Engineering Co., Ltd. ①Project/Unit Title:Hubei LNG Plant (5M Cubic M/Day) Product Type: Boiler Fittings Delivery Time: 2013.07 Product Description: PN1.5-P
Shihua Receives the Honorable Title of "2015 Excellent Overhaul Supplier" of PetroChina


Methanol conversion furnace with hairpin
14*104Nm3/h Reformer, CNPC Guangxi 10000KTA oil refinery project
1 2 3
Safety production standardization secondary enterprise certificate
High-tech Product Certification in Anhui Province
AAA Credit Rating Certificate
PED/AD2000 certificate
ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate
ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate


Hefei Shihua Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd.


Hefei Shihua Pipe Fitting Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the production of butt-welded pipe fittings. Its main products are various piping components including elbows…



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Shihua Pipe Fittings - 700KW Electric Furnace
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2018-03-02 17:01
The electric furnace is a heating furnace that converts electric energy in the furnace into heat for heating the workpiece. Compared with the fuel furnace, the advantages of the electric furnace inclu
Shihua Pipe Fittings -1220 Medium Frequency Induction Pushing Unit
The characteristics of IF bending machine: 1) The process can avoid the uneven thickness of the pipe wall caused by the thinning of the pipe flange when the traditional bending process is formed, and
Shihua Pipe Fittings - 4000 tons cold pushing machine
This equipment is mainly used for carbon steel, stainless steel elbow cold-press molding, pushing methods are steel ball push and mandrel molding push two, the mandrel molding push with semi-automatic

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Warmly welcomes Zhang Bingguang, purchaser of Sinopec United Light Production Network, to visit our company for guidance
On May 26, 2016, Zhang Bingguang, Purchasing Director of Guangcai Network, took Wu Ruxiang, Assistant Director of Supplier Service Department, and Wu Fan, Business Manager, to visit Hefei Shihua Pipe
Five types of situations such as major accidents will be "blackened"
The National Security Office of the State Council has issued the “Provisional Regulations on the Administration of Production and Business Units' Safe Production Bad Records” on the “Blacklist”, which
Xinjiang will become the largest oil and gas import channel on land by 2020
On August 25, Li Huaqi, deputy general manager of Planning and Planning Department of China National Petroleum Corporation, made the above statement at the press conference on “State-owned enterprises

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Courage to act, and struggle to live up to expectations
Our company undertook the manufacturing task of SINOPEC Hainan Refining & Chemical Limited Company for "hydrogen producting unit hidden trouble resolving and reconstruction project – hydrogen producti
2018, Set Sail!
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To welcome the New Year and celebrate the New Year’s Day, the first "Shihua Good Voice" and Hefei Shihua Pipe Fitting's 2018 New Year's Day Celebration kicked off in laughter.
Celebrate National Day Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival
Celebrate National Day Welcome Mid-Autumn Festival