Lexus LS analysis

Well this debate began over on Twitter,with some other working bob官网car designers being quite vocal on how bad this new Lexus LS design is.I think it has problems,but I am willing to accept some progressive experimentation.特别是雷克萨斯在各种造型和表面设计理念方面进行了大量试验,一些好的,一些坏的。The LC coupe is particularly nice,but has gone through many iterations and concept cars to come out the other side.It still has some odd design details,but for a sportscar it is important to grab the viewers attention.The LS on the other hand,is intended as an executive model,考虑到奢华。It has traditionally appeared as quite a conservative design.The surfaces and design ideas are chaotic and a little messy,which is something designers have noted.The strangest thing is the proportions,with a great emphasis on cab-backward proportions.It is almost unique in the way that the peak of the side DLO is in the middle of the rear door.Similarities to other sedans (saloons) were noted,and similarity in supposed "bad"design.The new Civic sedan is something that I am not impressed by,for example.最相似的比例,and a possible clue to Toyotas intended rival and benchmark design,is the Tesla Model S.I decided to put together an image comparing lots of current sedans on sale now.寻找那个奇怪的比例(哪一个必须给后座乘客很大的空间?).Maserati Ghibli seems a good candidate.Lexus LS侧断面图其他@0.75x


雷克萨斯IS350 F-Sport


more crossovers

Recently we've seen a couple of major Auto Shows go head to head,五月份,纽约和北京将背对背上演西部和东部的对决。丰田选择了北京车展来推出其雷克萨斯品牌的小型跨界车的生产版本。I've posted here before regarding crossover vehicles (and I once owned the trendsetting Qashqai myself).The new Qashqai has been underwhelming in design,and other manufacturers are still following the styling of the previous model.Toyota have been finding their design stride recently,especially with the bold designs under the Lexus brand.Risks are being taken,很高兴看到。有些设计是成功的,others not so much.Their small crossover concept,the LX-NF,last year was radical in it's surfacing treatment (incredibly over the top) but has translated very nicely to a less frantic production design.Thank goodness for those metal stamping production limitations… the changes are subtle,但为了更好。
Here's the original Lexus LF-NLexus LF-NX conceptX crossover concept.And then the production version Lexus NX (this one is the 200T)which was launched in Beijing.

If we go back to March 2014 we also sawLexus NX production versionsome great auto design work at Geneva,and another very nice transition from concept to production for the Citroen C4 Cactus.Citroen Cactus ConceptThis one has been in the works for a long time,从2007年的仙人掌概念开始。The C3 Picasso for example follows a similar styling theme.生产版本非常创新,不仅仅是在造型方面。雪铁龙正在尝试在一个新的基于租赁合同的系统中出售仙人掌。雪铁龙C4仙人掌生产这两个制造商的冒险精神值得称赞,不像那些极端保守的德国制造商,他们似乎正在把自己画成一个角落。C-Cactus concept 2007